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Clothing in the Viking Age

Gentle Reader:

Questions about Viking Age clothing are possibly the most common ones I receive. However, the archaeology of textiles and the science of clothing reconstruction and interpretation are fairly specialized fields. While I could delve into this research, I feel my readers are better served by turning to the research and articles of Mistress Þóra Sharptooth. Þóra describes herself as "a fiber freak"... but I would describe her as The Viking Textile Research Goddess.

Mistress Þóra's articles on Viking topics may be found online at

In addition, I have a few other useful online resources I can recommend which I list below. If you are in search of written scholarly documentation for Viking clothing and textiles, again, Þóra's webpage is the place to go... she cites her sources and also provides very useful annotated bibliographies.

Another useful resource for Viking re-enactors is the Norsefolk Yahoo! Group. Searching the archives of Norsefolk will very often turn up exactly the answer you need to almost any question about Viking clothing. The members of the group belong to Viking re-enactment societies, the S.C.A., and similar groups world-wide, and among them have a considerable pool of experience and information about creating reconstructions of Viking dress and accessories. You will find that you must subscribe to Norsefolk in order to access the site: this became necessary after the list started being deluged with spam... but it's a quick and simple process. If you don't want to recive the list email, after you subscribe you can set your group preferences to "No Mail - Read Only on the Web" and still be able to access all the group's content online at

Here then are my recommended links to more information on Viking Age clothing.

General Topics

Viking Age Men's Clothing

Viking Age Women's Clothing

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