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Dear Viking Answer Lady:

Where do you go on the web to find out stuff about the Vikings?

(signed) Net Viking

Gentle Readers,

The Viking Answer Lady most often finds material for her articles and answers in a number of reference books. Many of these I own, others I find via the University of Texas at Austin Library or through Interlibrary Loan.

Occasionally, I do find useful information on the World Wide Web about the Vikings as well. It is important when using the Web to realize that anyone can post anything and tell you that it is a fact. Much though the Viking Answer Lady hates to say this, this is not always so!

While there is excellent scholarship available on the web, there are more people who are posting information gleaned from out-of-date and inaccurate Victorian texts daily. And there are those who are simply misinformed. Worst of all are those with a social, religious, or political agenda who willfully bend the truth.

To avoid these pitfalls, when using information found on-line, always try to verify it. You can be most confident of information where the author lists their sources, in a bibliography or best of all with footnotes showing the reader where specific information was found. It is always good even so to double-check the information -- even the best researcher may misunderstand a source, or may have read a bad translation, or have their own opinions stand in the way of a truly balanced account.

Yes, Gentle Readers, you should even check the material presented by Yours Truly, the Viking Answer Lady. Why? Because I am as human and fallable as the next mortal.

With all of these warnings firmly in mind, herewith follows the listing of the Viking Answer Lady's own personal web links...

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